December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays & Upcoming Updates

First off, the entire staff at Bakers Depot would like to wish all of our visitors, customers, suppliers, and friends & family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We couldn't have done well this year without everyone's support, so a big "Thanks!" is in order.

This year, we have expanded our operations & offerings for our customers and as a result have been able to meet many people who share our passion for baking and cooking. We will continue to improve our offerings and have been busy the last month preparing for the holiday rush along with penetrating the Bazaar locations. We plan to expand our educational offerings by hopefully adding video tutorials to the website in addition to our Baking Basics 101 info sessions (as much as we're able to shoot them on camera), as well as having a steady schedule of baking demos at our stores.

If there is anything in particular anyone would like to recommend in terms of feature they would like to see either at the store or here at the website, please do not hesitate to suggest it through the "Contact Us" buttons or the tab at the top navigation bar.

We are very excited at the developments for the upcoming year and it would be appropriate to end this by giving and update of the topics that will be included in future sessions of Baking Basics 101:
Flour Oxidation
Non-Wheat Flours
Yeasts & Leaveners
Sugars & Sweeteners
Fast & Oils
Dairy Products
Thickeners, Starches, & Gelatins
Laminated Doughs (Puff Pastry)
Cake Basics
Egg-based Desserts
Pies & Tarts
Syrups & Candies

...and many more!


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