September 2, 2009

Business Development Ideas 09-02-09

I've always been interested in hearing the stories of our customers buying from Bakers Depot, and how they use our products. One recurring story is a baking project that they want or have turned into a business. This particular segment will feature ideas, suggestions, tips, links, and other features that may be of interest to those who want to take the next step in their baking passions, and turn it into a vibrant business.
Publications like newspapers and magazines are important to show us whats out there, whats hot, or whats new. One particular publication showcasing new business trends is Entrepreneur Magazine. I chose this magazine to feature particularly because of the September 2009 issue's discussion on the red hot trend of bazaars.

It is perfect timing for the Christmas holidays! This issue is highly recommended for businesses-to-be, especially due to the place of food and tiangges in our culture and during the holidays.

Food is the great equalizer in our society -- all levels enjoy the upcoming holidays with food and feasting. Many people may not buy ensaymada or cakes every day for personal consumption but once the holidays roll around, you can bet that baked goods sales skyrocket. If you can bake, you can sell, and what better way to sell than in bazaars where the costs are cheap with plentiful people around? There is almost zero risk in starting out in bazaars.

Check out the Entrepreneur September 2009 issue and read up about participating in bazaars. By the way, we will be participating in some of these bazaars so hopefully we'll see you there! Make sure to stop by and say hi!

If you want to know more, make sure to head to for additional information.


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