March 8, 2010

New Developments & Announcements 03-08-2010

First update is about our two special events hosted recently, the first at Robinsons Place Manila and the second at Walter Mart Munoz/North EDSA. We had chefs from San Miguel, Ferna, and Zeelandia as well as our in-house chefs performing baking demos to fully packed crowds! We were very excited to see a great turnout for these two events and hope to do more in the future. (Pictures to follow)

Secondly, we are developing a number of improvements to the website, which is very late in coming but they are very exciting!!

So far, we are planning a VERSION 2 of the Bakers Depot website, and this new version should include more graphics, pictures, and other goodies. We will also attempt an e-store however we're not sure yet how exactly it will function. We will also add an online catalog, complete with prices and pictures so for those who have been inquiring about our products, this one's for you!

Third, we will also attempt to have e-flyers set up and an online mailing list organized as soon as the Bakers Depot v2 website is fully functional!

We are going to be very busy this year, and based on whats already happened the first 2 months of the year, its shaping up to be quite an exciting year! Also look forward to our 2nd Annual CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD sale later on this year!


Anonymous said...

hi im one the regular customer of bakers depot galleria.,natutuwa ako sa mga crew ng robinson galeria b.depot maasikaso ung mga crew..

Anonymous said...

Hello, when will you have real Vanilla Extract in your galleria store? The staff told me there will be soon, but she's not sure when... any news on when you'll have it? it's so essential kasi in ALL my baking recipe ingredient! :-( Anyways, cutee website! -gladys, san juan

BD said...

Hi M'Gladys,

We still haven't been able to come to a good agreement with the supplier on the price of real Vanilla extract thus for now we have decided not to pursue it.

We are still on the lookout for real Vanilla products, however, short of importing it ourselves, most suppliers place a premium on their price when they import.

Anonymous said...

which branch can i get the piping snooze

BD said...

You can check with our Robinsons or Walter Mart stores for availability of the piping snooze.

Donna said...

Tapos na po yung annual choc overload sale??

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